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When you enroll your child at The Literacy Blocks, they will be guided by knowledgeable teachers to create a personalized plan. We take the time to assess each student and identify their current learning gaps - from there, we tailor the program that best suits them. You can have peace of mind knowing that our experienced professionals are dedicated to providing exceptional educational support for your child's success!


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Founded in 2018, The Literacy Blocks is a relatively new venture, but our team possesses abundant experience. Each and every member of our team averages over 15 years of teaching within the education system. Our founder Donica alone has nearly two decades of public school teaching under her belt! As she observed the need for children to obtain better literacy resources, she was inspired to establish The Literacy Blocks - providing superior assistance with language learning!



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At The Literacy Blocks, we believe learning should be a creative and enjoyable experience. We strive to create an environment of engagement and exploration that encourages students to ask questions and think critically. By tapping into our students' natural curiosity, they will have an easier time comprehending the material, leading to increased long-term literacy skills!

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